Graphiconsult has been founded by René Lorenzen, Owner and CEO of Prografia Aps. Graphiconsult intends exclusively to represent international manufacturers and suppliers in scandinavia. René is on contract by each individual manufacturers to represent their products for Scandinavian customers. To simplify orders and inquiries, and to minimize misunderstandings and mistakes, everything is coordinated through Graphiconsult.

Agencies is also represented in collaboration with graphic companies in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland

All products are shipped directly from the manufacturer and invoiced directly from manufacturer to the end customer. If stocking is needed, this will be located in hvidovre Copenhagen.

Graphiconsult v/René Lorenzen can communicate fluent in the languages, English, German and Danish and supports Russian. René has more than 20 years experience in the printing industry, is trained sheetfed and coldset printer with apprenticeship in both, has a bachelor degree in graphic technology/management and more than 6 years as head of printing in one of Denmark’s largest printing houses. This knowledge will bring the foreign manufacturers in the Scandinavian market and minimize misunderstandings and wrong deliveries.

Graphic sales and support in Scandinavia